Sunday, February 1, 2009

In A Jam

In A Jam
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Project 365 - Day 29

On day 29 I still wasn't feeling well. So I went to bed early, again. Only once in bed I realized I hadn't taken my 365 photo for that day. My husband said, "Just do two tomorrow." I told him that was cheating and I had to take a photo. So he coaxed my furry companion into posing for a shot.

In reality getting this photo was hilarious because my furry companion kept snubbing me as I tried to take her photo. That is until the coaxing began. So when in a jam like I was reaching for the obvious photo sometimes is the best option.

I know the quality of this shot is not great. But I decided not to do anything with it since the blah colors really do represent the way I felt.

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