Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Did Someone Say Food?

Day 50; Project 365

Day 50 was a very busy day. It started and ran like a fiend all day long, ending with our baby class that night. When we got home we were starved and luckily my dh had been to the store that day and bought us some grub for din-din. A roast beef sandwich with a melted slice of provolone cheese. Mmm-Mm, that's good! And as it turns out this is the only photo I took that day so naturally it was the best choice for day 50's photo.


  1. Mmmmmmm hmmmmmmmm! That looks good! Now I'm hungry! I'm guessing dh="dear husband"??

  2. Tim D. Sorry didn't mean to make you hungry, but these have become a fast favorite of ours. And yep, dh = "dear husband". I also refer to him as hubby, hubster and C$.

    Hotter Than, Sorry, we ate them all up. I'll try to save some next time. But it's hard because they are so good.