Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Back To Business

This day I was working from home and doing all the things I needed to do for work and for my maternity leave. It was a crazy busy day. It also just so happened I had my camera right there so I pulled it out and snapped some photos of my desk. I decided against the photo I was going to post because it had some personal information exposed. But this one isn't too bad itself.


A shot of some ribbon from a candy dish that was sent home with me from my family baby shower. I like the way you can see the detail of the ribbon in this shot.

It's A Girl!

This shot kind of speaks for itself. But I do love the isolation of the candy.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Sims Lake

The DH and I took off this morning to Sims Lake Park. A park that isn't too far from our house. This was our first visit but definitely won't be our last. I chose this photo as the photo of the day because I like the way the trees are reflected in the lake and how you can see the light layer of fog rolling over the water.

Not Just For Scale

This is my 36 week pregnant belly beside a balloon. My niece held it up against my tummy at my family baby shower. I had to the picture. I actually love this photo and not just because it's a good for scale photo of my belly.

On The Road Again

This was the sight of traffic as me and the dh headed to one of labor classes. Traffic was really thick that day.

Thursday, April 16, 2009


It finally stopped raining and I took the camera outside to take a few photos. I thought this one turned out pretty neat. Of course right as I took this photo I stepped into a large mud puddle.



We've been doing alot of home renovations and will eventualy move back to the outside. This is a pic of the stairs leading up the hill in our backyard. They are so weather worn. Soon we'll replace them. It's an ongoing process.

Home Stretch

This is a shot of the baby blanket in the home stretch of completion. Good thing too since the little one came two weeks early, two days after the blanket was done.