Wednesday, February 25, 2009

In The Crib

Day 52; Project 365

Been spending a lot of time getting the baby room ready. So on day 52 I snapped a few shots of the crib. I thought this one was kind of cool. It's taken from the outside looking through the front slats to the back. The only thing, I didn't like the way the flash was turning the shades of the wall behind the crib. And I couldn't get any good photos without the flash.

So I turned the image to B&W. It turned out kind of cool. The crib is actually white and the wall is a sage green.


  1. I agree -- definite coolness here. D-day's getting close! How're you feeling?

  2. I still look at this shot and think, cool. LOL!

    D-day is getting close. 6 more weeks. I'm still feeling tired a lot but all right.