Saturday, February 7, 2009

Cat Head

(Click image for larger version)

Day 35; Project 365

My dh and I have this thing. We collect wooden cats but not just any wooden cats. They have to be bizarre. Slightly bent if you know what I mean. Because we're slightly bent. The stranger the cat, the better we like it.

This one is one of my favorite cat heads. I think it might actually be the cat that kicked off our crazy obsession with crazy cat heads.

I did do a little post procession on this, giving it a slight color boost and adjusted the sharpness and exposure due to the flash glare.


  1. This cat head is definitely you two, and the whole collection idea just cracks me up. But it doesn't surprise me. :)

  2. It is me isn't it? LOL! I might just have to try photographing some of our other cats in the collection. It's a lot of fun going on the hunt for twisted little cat heads.