Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Something Different

Day 39; Project 365

Day 39's photo is something a little different. I was sitting in my office thinking about how it looked like a lot like new digs but more like college digs with my bean bag chair and florescent light when I glanced up and spied the pattern the lamp was casting on the wall. It looked cool and different at the same time.

I like the fact that the light is a little tilted in the photo. Gives it a little more appeal.

Post processing includes cropping out part of the ceiling from the shot, boosting the color and then making it Black and White.


  1. Really cool! I have a lamp like that and saw similar patterns and attempted a shot a couple weeks ago. But I didn't have much luck shooting the patterns, so I changed my focus to the reflections on the lamp itself and posted that instead. But you did very well getting those patterns. Nice shot!

  2. Thanks for visiting Tim. I think the photo turned out pretty good, so I'm glad you like it. The lamp does cast off a cool pattern don't you think? It's eye catching. Sorry you weren't able to catch it though.