Friday, January 16, 2009

A Slightly Different View

Project 365 - Day 15

There were a few pictures that turned out pretty good for day 15's shot. But there was just something about this one that really grabbed me. You can always find books around our house. This is one I gave my husband after we found out I was pregnant. It's an expecting father book that follows along each month and gives the expecting father a male's view of what is happening.

Well, on this day it was sitting on top of the piano and grabbed my attention. So I just snapped a few shots of it and decided after seeing this one that it should be today's photo.

The book is titled The Expectant Father, and my dh has given it very high marks for those interested.


  1. What a cool angle! I can understand why this one grabbed you. The depth of field is wonderful.

    Have you noticed that you're starting to look at things differently? It's happening to me.

  2. Thanks, Lynn! I thought it was pretty cool when I saw it too. And yeah, I am starting to look at things differently. Things are definitely catching my eye and making think twice about them that's for sure.