Friday, January 30, 2009

On The Farm

On The Farm
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Project 365 - Day 25

This was a tough one for me. Not taking the picture part, but deciding which one should be my shot of the day.

I'd spent the weekend at my parents farm and took several photos on and around the farm. It took some time, but I finally narrowed it down to two photos. This one was the ultimate winner.

The reason this one became the winner is because of the different textures in the shot. You can get a sense for the old rusty sign and piece of wood against that of the newer wire and post.

This is actually the back side of the sign. The front is so faded you can't even read what it used to say. My guess would be something to the effect of "No Tresspassing".

Sorry again for the delay in posting. I haven't been feeling well (mostly in the evening which is why the last few shots have been posted in the mornings before I leave for work), and I just haven't been online that much the past few days to get caught up.

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