Sunday, March 1, 2009

Part Deux

Day 55; Project 365

Maybe I have developed a fascination with blinds. I'm not sure. But here's another photo of blinds. Or looking through blinds. Although not shot at my home. This photo was taken at work. The site caught my eye one morning and I had to try my hand taking a few photos. You can see the sunrise in the background and the bare branches of the trees stretching out.

I did do some slight sharpening of the image and noise reduction.


  1. I like this one. My son has done a few where you really have to look to get the idea. I'm happy to say, I guessed that you were looking out blinds, I didn't guess you were at work :)

  2. Thanks Book Dragon! I love those photos where you're not really sure what your seeing at first. It jolts the imagination. And LOL on my being at work. Yep, I was at work. The glimpse of the sunrise caught my attention and I had to try to capture it.

  3. After your first blinds photo, I tried a series of them, myself. Didn't post them, put I did take them. ;)

    I like the sky colors you caught here.

    (2nd time I typed this -- apparently 1st time didn't take)

  4. Wow. Gotta say the time's way off. It's 8am. But it's kind of funny because I woke up 3 hours early this morning. (Long story; on the blog).

    Anyway, I'm definitely not commenting on your photo at 5am. Just thought I'd let you know. 0:)

  5. Blogger acting badly again, huh? Ah well. And cool about the blinds photos. They've been catching my eye. I'm enjoying experimenting with them. LOL!

    And I'll have to check out the blog to find out what you were doing up 3 hours early this morning! I know what I was doing... going to the bathroom. But now I'm curious about what had you up.