Wednesday, March 25, 2009

And Yet More

Day 75; Project 365

I was wondering around the house wondering what I could take a photo of on this day when, just for fun, I snapped a photo of my iMac desk top. I thought, well if nothing else it'd be kind of fun to see if the photo I took a few days ago would look just as cool as a photo of itself. What I didn't realize at the time but did soon after is the reflections caught in the monitor. If you look closely you can see the chair, the lamp, the window. I thought it was kind of cool so it became my daily photo.


  1. Reflections in glass-walled office blocks make great pictures too.

  2. Discovering unanticipated reflections is sometimes the most fun part for me.

  3. Cool idea, Ian. I'll have to try that sometime. Thanks for visiting.

    Lynn, you're right. Those unanticipated moments are really cool.