Thursday, March 12, 2009

Across The Lake

Day 65; Project 365

On Day 65 I was driving home from work and traffic was backed up so far that I was literally at a stand still over Buford Dam. As I sat there looking around, I decided to whip out my camera and take a few photos. This one turned out pretty good.

I give you the still very drought stricken Lake Sidney Lanier. You can see in this photo how low the water still remains, despite the rain fall we've been getting, the lake needs a lot more. Heck, the entire area needs a lot more.


  1. Ah, you got a drought picture up! It looks so sad. Makes me wonder if we'll ever get out of this.

  2. I did finally get a drought photo up. Can't believe it's taken me so long. And I think it looks sad also. I hope we get out of it, but with Summer fast approaching... Well, I don't want to think about it.