Thursday, May 7, 2009

And Counting

I took this photo on April 1st for two reasons - 1) My due date was in April and this was sort of the start of the real countdown, the I could go into labor at any minute countdown and 2) Because several people kept saying I was going to go into labor on April 1st, which didn't happen.

However, I did not expect to be admitted to the hospital on April 2nd and have my baby on April 4th.

I think I should also say here that this is the point where things changed as far as the project goes. Photos for April will be sparse because I can't really remember a good part of the month because there for a while all the days sort of just ran together. But I will post the images I remembered to take and things will get more on track. I know that's bending the rules of the project but sometimes you just gotta bend to keep from breaking.

Oh and sorry for the poor quality of the shot. It is as it was taken because I haven't had time to do any processing to it and the shot wasn't a very good one to begin with.

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